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New Music by Marie Naffah

Marie Naffah’s new music Honey & Air out on Friday 15 October, 2021 Pre-save at

What will you choose today?

Honey or Air?

Ramblings by Marie


I wrote ‘Honey’ first after being selected as an artist in residence at an amazing 17th century complex in the South of Barcelona called Mas Palou. I found a community of creatives I’d never found before and felt the true meaning of being an Artist with a capital A. If you are an artist of any sort, you should go.

I wanted the song’s meaning to be malleable - it’s broadly about being in a better headspace. Shifting to a place where you feel more like yourself.


I decided to release ‘Air’ after playing it acoustically during my 50 gigs in 50 days tour. To those that made those shows what they were, thank you.

I once was told acoustic music was dead but I will never accept it so here we are.

The instrumental part makes me cry.

For more of Marie's Musings head to her website:

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