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Frictionless Music is a UK-based Indie label dedicated to streamlining processes and removing ‘friction’ from within the music industry. The goal is to provide artists with an increased chance of wild success in the market by giving them an unconventional measure of support and autonomy early in their careers. This early stage music investment is designed to allow artists the freedom to fully express themselves with respect to their music and image.

Frictionless provides a hand up, not a hand-out, to aspirational talented and worthy artists in an artist-friendly, invitation-only environment. Frictionless partners with the artist to identify specific measurable goals that uniquely constitute success for their project. Frictionless then works with the artist to develop bespoke plans to mutually achieve these goals.

The artist’s objective might be to sign a deal with a major record label, perform at a particular venue or create a generation-defining work of art. Whatever the goal(s), the objective of Frictionless Music is to enable the artist to get to the next level(s) in their career. There is always, always a next level.

Frictionless Music doesn’t support the traditional financial model where artists get placed into a deep hole that they have to start climbing out of the day they sign an industry agreement. Frictionless Music provides a strong foundation for its artists, to allow them more time and energy to focus on their craft.

In support of this mission, Frictionless Music has developed a supportive "Collective" of select like-minded individuals committed to disrupting the status quo and enabling authentic works of art.

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