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Marie Naffah's new release 'Gabriel - The Gospel Edition' is out now!

‘Gabriel’ was inspired by a chance encounter Marie had outside an empty church in Sussex.

‘I don’t really talk to strangers, which is stranger than it sounds’

Marie comments:

‘I was disenchanted, dealing with writer’s block and searching for something. I found immense comfort talking to this stranger, Gabriel. We had a surprising amount in common, and before long he was sitting at the piano, playing everything from jazz to Joni Mitchell. I was moved to tears. It was cinematic, poetic - somewhat spiritual. On the surface what seemed like a nice serendipitous moment, gradually elevated into some kind of ‘cosmic intervention’ I suppose. Regardless of the source, it was exactly what I needed at that point of time and it gave me hope – that’s the message I want to give people right now. Hope in an uncertain time.’

This version was recorded at Abbey Road Studio with a 12 person gospel choir and a 3 piece horn section. Listen and watch this amazing song come to life on this epic day.

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